A unique investment opportunity in a thriving market where investor confidence is at all-time high.

The BESS opportunity

There will be huge opportunities for investors. The critical success factors are adaptability, insight and timing.

Limited interconnection capacity coupled with high growth of volatile renewables will increase price volatility and cement the case for BESS installation in the UK.

The UK's BESS market is projected to grow more than 8x in the next 10 years and 20x in the next 30 years.
  • Based on National Grid's projections, the installed UK BESS capacity would reach a total size of 100-120 GWh by 2050.
  • While current BESS market activities, show an estimated market size of 11 GWh in 2025.
Similar trends and opportunities are emerging in neighbouring European countries, offering L48 exciting opportunities to further grow its portfolio in the next decade.
  • Investor confidence is rising with respect to the profitability of energy storage assets, resulting in the largest storage project pipeline in Europe, with 25 projects above 100 MW in the pipeline.

Each BESS project offers investors an attractive opportunity to earn unleveraged returns between 12-15% per annum.

Returns from BESS are generated across multiple revenue streams, are not dependent on any subsidies and are independent of wholesale power prices.

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