Energy as a Service 

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Lower 48 Energy (L48) specialises in the provision of Energy as a Service (EaaS), typically electricity but also steam, to industrial partners on a captured market basis. We do this via an End to End service.

L48 has partnered with leading Technology Providers as well as leading EPC Contractors, Merchant Banks and Insurance Companies which enables us to provide world class solutions.

Working with our industrial clients we capture waste heat and convert this into electricity or steam, providing this green power to the client at a discount on their current market purchase price. This green power is not only vital for combating climate change but also acts as a key selling point in our clients’ sustainability dialogue. 


Energy Life Cycle Support Services 

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The world’s energy raw materials are more often than not found in remote and challenging locations. In areas where engineering service provision is often lacking. 

 Lower 48 Energy embraces the expeditionary nature of our industrial heritage that stretches back 75 years. We seek out new energy development opportunities and look to provide specialist support to the Project Developer & Operators. 

 We understand and embrace the global demand of our industry and we’re comfortable deploying world class engineers and project managers from one part of the world to a project site on the other side of the globe. Our promise is to ensure we always deploy the best candidate for the job. 

 We pride ourselves on being the first on the scene, when it’s often at it’s hardest to work and then watch the project grow towards commissioning. 


Technical Procurement 

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Lower 48 Energy draws upon 75 years of Procurement heritage. We are part of an industrial group who know all about Procurement. 

We provide support to some of the worlds largest energy companies operating across the globe. We’re trusted to manage the Procurement of critical line items, the success of which contributes to the project’s viability.

L48 has kept up with our customers complex projects; as a result our offerings are equal. We provide Vendor Finance to ease the burden on Cash Flow. We do this utilising our 75 year old banking relationships with some of the worlds leading Merchant Banks.

We are also one of the few companies who have he ability to forward our own procurement items. Our sister company Charles Kendall Freight is the UK’s secondly largest privately owned Freight Forwarder supported by our own global offices.


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Contact Us

Lower 48 Energy is Headquartered in London, UK. We have permanent offices around the world situated with our parent company Charles Kendall Group. We also have a number of site offices located at project sites we’re working on developing energy projects.

The simplest way to make initial contact is via email. One of our staff members will reply quickly. Alternatively feel free to contact any one of our offices nearest to you.