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Uniquely independent pure play BESS 'originator to operator'.

Energy Sector Professionals

Lower 48 Energy combines a diverse set of skills and experience in end-to-end Battery Energy Storage Systems development. Our team is comprised of long-standing energy sector professionals, proven in the development and deployment of large-scale energy projects, energy experts with in-depth knowledge of energy markets and consulting, electrical engineers with demonstrable experience of working in LV/HV network designs. We also work with tier-one suppliers and partners to ensure sustainable and high-quality development.

Lower 48 Energy is majority owned by  Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI). CCI completed the transaction in December 2023 with the goal to develop the company into one of the largest storage platforms in the UK.

CCI is a global energy commodity merchant with integrated businesses focused on marketing, merchandising, and trading commodities, and the ownership, operation, and development of commodities-related infrastructure assets. Please visit our website for more information:

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the clean energy transition, please take a look at our current openings. We are always interested in finding the right people to join the Lower 48 Energy team.

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Lower 48 Energy only works with best in class suppliers, ensuring they meet our high standards of excellence.

Castleton Commodities International LLC
global energy commodity merchant.
CCI is a global energy commodity merchant with integrated businesses focused on marketing, merchandising, and trading commodities, and the ownership, operation and development of commodities-related infrastructure assets.
Charles Kendall
Lower 48 Energy’s heritage grew directly out of the Charles Kendall Group, it’s because of them we exist. Charles Kendall Group was founded in 1945 and has grown to become a complete, end to end supply chain management company, that operates globally, employing over 400 staff across their operations. Lower 48 are co-located in Charles Kendall’s HQ offices, they run our entire back office, this includes providing their Accounts & Finance Team, HR and Company Secretarial services. We are unique in this relationship with Charles Kendall and we really value this vital relationship. This relationship enables our Founders and Board to concentrate on value creation and building out our projects.
PWA Planning
Founded in 2013, PWA is a professional, independent planning and development consultancy providing pragmatic, intelligent planning advice for their clients while contributing to a healthy, sustainable changing world.
Blackhall & Powis
For all our Scotland projects we utilise Blackhall & Powis to provide support needed for our planning applications for our energy projects. Blackhall & Powis are an extremely capable practice with over 20 staff providing Lower 48 Energy with an unrivalled service provision. The practice is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
Hannam & Partners
Lower 48 Energy have appointed Hannam & Partners as its lead Investment Bank. Hannam & Partners provide us with specialist advice and access to capital, and in doing so help us grow and maximise our potential. We are linked directly with their energy storage team based in Central London.
Lower 48 Energy are supported by Azets, one of the UK’s leading Accountancy practices with over 7,500 staff. We have committed to our Board that our accounts will be Full Audited Accounts. Azets, working with our back office Accounts team provided by Charles Kendall Group are well placed to proved Lower 48 Energy’s Board of Directors with the support services needed to grow our Battery Storage asset portfolio out in the most efficient manner vis-a-vis taxation, depreciation and accounting obligations.