Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections

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Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections


Lower 48 Energy (L48) is a UK based BESS development platform. We are accelerating the clean energy transition by developing and deploying BESS assets at strategic locations in the UK.

Our vision is to develop and own a UK Battery Storage portfolio of 250 MW in the next 2-3 years, expanding into further European territories and delivering a capacity of 1GW of capacity in the next 5-7 years.

At the end of last year, Castleton Commodities International (CCI) acquired a majority stake in L48.

CCI is a leading global energy commodities merchant and infrastructure asset investor headquartered in Stamford, USA with European offices in London and Geneva.

L48 is constructing its first project, a 45 MW, 90 MWh in Preston, Lancashire with COD in Q2 2025 and is working on two more projects to start design in 2024.

L48’s organic pipeline is 800 MW in various stages of development.

Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections

L48 is looking for an experienced Power System Engineer to join our company as ‘Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections’.

The role will look to internalize electrical design of BESS scheme (33kV to 275 kV) which we currently outsource.

We would like to carry out power flow analysis in-house to determine projected constraints and curtailments which will aid in the Final Investment Decision (FID) of projects.

In addition, the position entails utilizing a deep comprehension of wider network dynamics, evaluating the suitability of development initiatives, and delivering in-depth analyses to our development teams.

The Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections will work closely with senior executives, contributing technical expertise and supervision across every phase of project advancement.

In addition to formulating strategies, they will oversee our grid connection management procedures, conduct technical due diligence (focusing on grid aspects) for potential acquisitions, and remain updated on industry shifts influencing our future performance.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and leading the Electrical Design Functionionality for Lower 48 Energy
  • Formulating and evolving our in-house grid targeting strategy.
  • Modelling & Assessing our current grid connections in terms of future curtailments and constraints along with our Optimisation Team
  • Overseeing all grid development processes.
  • Serving as the primary contact for all network utilities, both distribution and transmission.
  • Managing ICP tender and selection processes, defining scopes of work, and reviewing responses.
  • Collaborating with the team to assess grid suitability for early-stage projects.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with leading ICPs.
  • Providing grid/connection technical support during asset construction.
  • Developing and managing in-house grid technical standards and tools.
  • Conducting technical due diligence on grid and connection aspects for project acquisitions and disposals.

Required Experience:

  • Over 8 years of experience in working with Utilities or Network Operators
  • Profound understanding of grid connection policies and regulations, including grid acceleration and queue management processes.
  • Well-established in the electrical network sector, actively engaged with organizations like the ENA.
  • Strong connections to key industry players, iDNOs, and DNOs.
  • Familiarity with ICP design and construction, including contract negotiation.
  • Electrical Engineering or similar university degree supplemented by industry experience.
  • Background in technical consulting, a network utility, or project development.
  • Previous experience conducting due diligence for potential project acquisitions, particularly focusing on grid connection risks.
  • Self-starter comfortable working within a small and agile team.
  • High technical competence, specifically as a power engineer.
  • Excellent reporting and presentation skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships with external parties.
  • Ability to represent the business at external grid-related events and meetings.

L48 would like to position as an innovative engineering & development company and therefore the position is vital in order to add value to the company and its operations.

The position will be supported by 1-2 power engineers to support the design and modelling efforts initially and the team can grow in time.


L48 is looking for an experienced Power System Engineer to join our company as ‘Head of Electrical Design & Grid Connections’. The role will look to internalize electrical design of BESS scheme (33kV to 275 kV) which we currently outsource

About Lower 48 BESS Limited (Battery Energy Storage Systems)

L48 BESS is a visionary new energy player that is committed to revolutionizing the UK's renewable infrastructure through the development of Battery Energy Storage Assets (BESS). Our mission is to contribute to the essential renovation of the UK's renewable infrastructure and support the transition to clean energy.

We have a highly skilled team of professionals with real ambition and financial backing, who are passionate about developing a robust, trusted and integrated international BESS portfolio and grid connections to accelerate the decentralised creation and use of renewable electricity. Our vision is to develop and own a portfolio of 250MW of Battery Storage in the UK in the next 2-3 years, with a further expansion in the next 5-7 years delivering a Battery Storage capacity of 1GW.


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