Technical Procurement


Lower 48 Energy recognises that human dynamics are fundamental to the success of the procurement function; this includes the project stakeholders, supply chain contributors and our staff. L48 has the experience to apply the correct skill sets to the correct activity ensuring that we don’t compromise productivity or efficiency.

Built on 75 years of heritage and experience we have developed proprietary procurement software systems that enable each of our offices full visibility of each procurement activity. The results of which can be shared with our clients providing them with precise visibility of their project requirements. Our systems follow processes and policies that are guided by best systematic practice & approach.

Our Procurement Teams superior customer service is one of the features that sets Lower 48 Energy apart from the rest of our competitors. Communication is part of L48’s ethos. With the process and document management systems in place, clients always have total transparency of the status of any project or piece of work being undertaken. The ability to have real-time monitoring of any project, however remote, guarantees clients the oversight of all L48’s work.


Critical Path Items - Escorted Hand Carry

Lower 48 Energy has the proven capability to mobilise experienced staff members who have the mental dexterity to work around problems. Lengthy queues at immigration might have lead to missing internal flight connections; our staff think to cross town and catch the last flight out of the city’s other airport.

Concurrently to the physical sourcing and subsequent procurement our support office teams will be attending to export clearance regulations, liaising with custom authorities where transits may take place and attending to custom pre-clearance in the arrival country. Not to mention flight ticketing, car hire and possible visa upon arrival.


Vendor Finance

Lower 48 Energy (L48) draws upon the strength of its parent Charles Kendall Group who have been providing Procurement Services for 75 years.

L48 offers industrial clients Vendor Financed Procurement Solutions. In short this means that we will shoulder the financial burden of the procurement purchase and will only invoice at the point of delivery or at a specific date after we have delivered the item. Within the Energy industry this is a novel and innovative offering that greatly relieves cash flow burdens on Project Development. Many critical components have lengthy manufacturing lead times that can run to over 52 weeks, added to that the length of ocean delivery for outside parts and this figure elongates. 

L48 enjoys the support of a consortium of Merchant Banks who provide us with banking facilities enabling L48 to add significant value to any large energy project, anywhere in the world.