Lower 48 Energy specialises in supporting Energy Industry operators who work in remote & challenging locations. We provide a comprehensive range of services throughout the entire Energy Life Cycle.

From the exploration rounds through to project de-commissioning our teams have proven track record in providing the highest service levels and we’re proud of our reputation as a standard setter for some of the world’s largest energy companies.

Developing projects from a concept to operational reality in the South Atlantic or Jungles of SE Asia requires tremendous attention to detail, something that Lower 48 Energy is known for. 



Lower 48 Energy delivers energy solutions on behalf of the Charles Kendall Group and this gives us access to great industrial respires across the group. The Charles Kendall Group has successfully being delivering on global projects since 1945 when we opened our first international office in Muscat, Oman. Redcliffe (International) Shipping Limited is one of the world’s leading logistics companies specialising in the movement of explosives.

We regularly procure and move down hole charges and radioactive materials which are routinely used in the Oil & Gas as well as the Mining Industries. Redcliffe is regarded as one of the World’s best project logistics operators.  Charles Kendall Freight is the UK’s second largest privately owned Freight Forwarder and have significant strength in the movement of cargo from Asia to Europe as well as Northern Europe to USA movements.



"The more remote the better”, well that’s how we see it, as do our partners. We’re just mobilising on a $350 million contract delivering services in Mongolia and this is typical of where we work. We apply exacting levels of detail in the planning and deployment to our works sites.

The logistic chains are some of the longest and most complicated in the world. Any oversight during the mobilisation inevitably leads to delays and the associated costs that this brings, it’s for this reason that we work especially hard to ensure that our teams have accounted for all eventualities.