How it works


Climeon’s Organic Rankine Cycle Technology

More than 50% of the world's energy consumption is lost as low-temperature heat. Industries such as steel, ceramics, cement, glass and shipping generate a large amount of heat that is simply wasted. Lower 48 Energy captures this waste heat and utilising Climeon’s technology we convert this to electricity. This is achieved by exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water (or heat exchange of gas or steam with hot water), the Climeon Heat Power system converts waste heat into clean electricity. The system operates at low-pressure levels in comparison to traditional heat power solutions.

The Climeon Heat Power units are designed to take maximum advantage of low-temperature heat, from geothermal or industrial waste heat sources. The low pressure at which the unit operates enables all components and fittings to be small, resulting in a more compact design and lower cost. The low pressure requires less energy needed for pumping resulting in a higher net power output. Climeon have also developed automated software that enables remote monitoring and adjustment by Lower 48 Energy engineers ensuring the system remains at its most efficient.


Flexible and Scalable Design

The system's low-pressure levels allows a compact and modular design, making it easily scalable from smaller installations for space-limited areas such as machine rooms, up to several MW systems for larger installations. The modularity allows for the Climeon system to scale with demand and availability. This allows for simple pilot projects that can easily be expanded to fully utilize all available heat.


EaaS Benefits

Below are examples of some of the benefits of EaaS that are enjoyed by industrial and maritime customers:

  • Improved CO2 balance sheet

  • No locked-up capital

  • Lower 48 Energy is responsible for feasibility, integration and performance

  • Maintenance adapted to owners preference 

  • Asset owner buys the produced electricity at a lower rate than buying via grid supply

Maritime clients additionally have these benefits: 

  • Decreased fuel costs 

  • Access to a faster implementation of fuel saving equipment via EaaS

  • The ability to deploy Climeon generators across a larger part of the fleet without capital commitments typically demanded under the direct sale model. 



Industry Leading Partners 


SNC Lavalin

Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is a global fully integrated professional services and project management company and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure. From offices around the world, SNC-Lavalin's employees are proud to build what matters. Their teams provide comprehensive end-to-end project solutions – including consulting, design, engineering, and construction management – to clients across oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, infrastructure, clean power, nuclear and EDPM (engineering design and project management). On July 3, 2017, SNC-Lavalin acquired Atkins, one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, which has been integrated into our sectors.

SNC-Lavalin maintains exceptionally high standards for health and safety, ethics and compliance and environmental protection, and is committed to delivering quality projects on budget and on schedule to the complete satisfaction of its clients.



Climeon is a public company, listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Climeon is a clean-tech vendor, providing a technology that uses the energy in waste heat from industries and low-temperature geothermal heat to generate electricity. The company received its first order in 2015 and has since then established a customer base consisting of Viking Line, Virgin Voyages/Fincantieri, CP Energy and SSAB, among others. The product is protected by patents and offers a market-leading performance within its areas of application. Waste heat and geothermal energy (below 120°C) jointly comprise a vast energy source that is largely untapped today due to limitations of existing technologies. Climeon's product is the first waste heat recovery system which is able to utilise this previously unexploited source of energy to efficiently produce electricity. 


Project Finance and Insurance

Lower 48 Energy enjoys the support of specialist leading finance and insurance companies that enable us to move projects forwards on a global basis. We are supported by Baseload Capital of Sweden, Close Brothers, Rathbones and Barclays plc in London. Our specialist industrial insurance is provided by Jardine Lloyd Thomson Group. At the outset of most projects we conduct Due Diligence using S-RM. This enables us to understand the risk profile any particular project anywhere in the world. 



Service, Repairs and Insurance

Lower 48 Energy provide a fully integrated Service schedule for Climeon ORC generating units. Our service engineers will ensure that the uptime operational service of the units sits at the upper end of prediction.

Lower 48 Energy maintain stocks of critical service items in our warehouses operated by our sister company Charles Kendall Freight. This enables the fastest possible contingency response in the event of a mechanical failure.

Climeon have developed proprietary software that enables remote site monitoring and diagnostics. This facility provides Lower 48 Energy with tools to make informed decisions ahead of time.

We maintain significant insurance coverage that provides the cover we require to successfully operate a reliable EaaS for our industrial partners. The insurance is always tailored to ensure that our operations comply with our hosts corporate compliance.